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The World-Mother And The Opportunity Of The Feminine

As we approach the festive season of Easter, following the Mystery Drama begun at Christmas, one cannot help but to think not only of the great world teacher known as Jesus, the Christ, (meaning ‘the Anointed One’) (1), but also of that great act of sacrifice undertaken by Mary in becoming the mother of the Son of God. It was she who stood by Jesus from a very young age, accompanied him through all of his tribulations and victories, and stood with him throughout his era of teaching and ultimate sacrifice. The joy of the Christmas birth, like most births, naturally passes from the community to the new-born child and to the parents. Our festive season pays full homage to Jesus and eternal gratitude to God, the Father. The word ‘God’ means many things to many people and we may define it here in the Pantheistic sense, as that divine essence within, and underlying, all life. However, there is often the impression that Mary, the mother, is somehow less significant beyond the actual birth, and, one who barely receives acknowledgment as a steadfast witness and support in the final victory of life over matter.

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