C.W.L. Q And A, Talks at St. Michael’s


These articles are typed copies of C.W.L. talks delivered at St. Michael’s in Sydney during 1918.

Each copy is stamped “Dr. Mary Rocke, 4 Raymond Rd. Neutral Bay” and carries a form of personalised cataloguing marks at the bottom of the page, such as “C.W.L.  M-1” in handwriting.

The collection does not appear to be complete. The following are available:

Difference between Low Mass and High Mass — Are all  Angels good? — Influence sent out from the Sacrament — The Lord is working over all — Does the LORD MAITREYA pay attention to individuals? — The Christ is both a Master and a member of the Hierarchy, and yet again He is the Second Person of the Trinity — Does the KING represent one of the Rays? — Are there other ways of evolution? — Can we escape our karma?— Effect of censing on the Angel Hosts – Censing similar to the Invocation, similar in Masonry.

Angels who accompany the Consecrated Host — Vitalising properties of the wafer — Look at an unconsecrated wafer — Astral, Mental and Buddhic counterparts form a line — The Angel of the Presence — Special use of having the candles on the Altar.

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